Welcome to the Neighborhood Feral Cat Initiative Database

In February 2010 the Initiative, in conjunction with the Hudson County Animal League, received a generous grant from PetSmart Charities to subsidize the cost of feral cat spay neuter.  As part of the grant agreement, we are now required to collect basic data information from you about the feral cats in the colonies you are managing.    Therefore, you must provide your colony data in order to participate in and take advantage of the low cost spay neuter part of the program. 

This database is completely private.  Only you and the administrator, which is me, can see the information that you provide.  We will not be giving any of this information to anyone else other than to PetSmart one year from now in March of 2011.  In that regard we will only be providing the statistical changes in the numbers of cats in your colony.  No information about where the colonies are located will be shared.

The point of the database is to measure in numbers how successful the TNR program is.  We all want to see less cats in the colonies as a result of Trap Neuter Return.  The more statistics we can provide will hopefully ensure future grant awards for TNR.

Please email me at carolmcnichol@verizon.net if you have any questions.

Carol McNichol